Master The Schedule

You’re the scheduler in your office. Now what? This course takes you further than just knowing what a schedule is and into its importance in your office, what a good versus bad schedule looks like and how your attitude and duties have a direct impact on the success of your schedule.

  • Communication

    See how to get patients to schedule and actually show up for their appointments, handling cancellations and managing both the doctor and hygiene schedules.

  • Key to Revenue

    The schedule is the backbone of the entire dental office and the dental scheduler is the primary team member to ensure it runs as smoothly and productively as possible.

  • Schedule for Production

    We will differentiate between procedure categories, doctor, hygiene appointments, new patient and emergency appointments and how to best apply each type of appointment to create the most production each day.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Productive Scheduling!

  • 2

    Week 1: Understanding Scheduling

    • Intro to Scheduling

    • Dental Office Scheduling

    • Know Your Scheduling Policy

    • What is Block Scheduling

    • Attitude of a Great Scheduler

    • The Importance of the Schedule

    • The Importance of the Schedule

    • Block Scheduling Policy

    • Scheduling Policy Points

    • Block Scheduling Overview

    • Week 1 Quiz

  • 3

    Week 2: Understanding Scheduling Continued

    • Putting Blocks into the Schedule

    • Effective Scheduling for Doctor and Hygienist

    • Monthly Goal and Scheduling

    • Monthly Goal and Scheduling

    • Using Quick Fill Effectively

    • Week 2 Quiz

  • 4

    Week 3: Duties of a Scheduler

    • Good Schedule vs. Bad Schedule

    • Goals and Statistics of a Scheduler

    • Duties of a Scheduler

    • Report Names

    • Every Office is Different

    • Know Why you are doing this Training

    • Scheduler Daily Duties

    • Patients Runing Late Policy

    • Week 3 Quiz

  • 5

    Week 4: How to Get Patients Scheduled

    • Importance of Hand-Offs to Scheduler to Get Patient to Schedule

    • Getting a Patient to Schedule Their Next Appointment

    • Getting Patients to Schedule 6 Months

    • Importance of Pre-Booking Appointments

    • How to Offer an Appointment

    • Doctor Schedule vs Hygiene Schedule

    • Handling Scheduling Issues

    • Doctor Schedule vs. Hygiene Schedule

    • How to Offer an Appointment

    • Offering appointments to a secondary that wants primary

    • Week 4 Quiz

  • 6

    Week 5: How to Handle Cancellations

    • How to Handle Cancellations

    • Cancellation Phone Calls

    • Using Confirmation Calls to try to Fill Schedule

    • Steps to Fill a Last Minute Cancellation

    • Last Minute Hygiene Cancellations and No Shows

    • Dealing With Cancellations

    • Week 5 Quiz

  • 7

    Week 6: Confirming Appointments

    • Confirmation Calls

    • Confirmation Call with Patient Responses

    • Next Day Review

    • Next Day Reviewer

    • Shake the Flakes

    • Confirmation Suggestions and Resources

    • Next Day Reviewer-

    • Appointment Confirmation Policy

    • Week 6 Quiz

  • 8

    Week 7: Appointment Types

    • Types of Doctor/Hygiene Appointments

    • Types of Doctor/Hygiene Appointments

    • Procedure Categories

    • Importance of Knowing Appointment Types

    • Hygiene Appointments

    • New Patient Appointments

    • Emergency Appointments

    • Week 7 Quiz

  • 9

    Week 8: Why Have Scheduling Goals

    • Why Have Scheduling Goals

    • Why Have Scheduling Goals

    • Why Do Appointment Types Matter

    • Set Your Own Schedule Template

    • Hygiene Goals

    • Week 8 Quiz

  • 10

    Week 9: Basics of Building a Productive Schedule

    • Basics of Building a Productive Schedule

    • Basics of Building a Productive Schedule

    • Can you Move a Patient’s Appointment?

    • 5 Things Every Practice Should Do to Build an Effective Schedule

    • Cancellations and No Shows: A Fee Will Not Fix the Problem

    • Week 9 Quiz

  • 11

    Week 10: Different Types of Schedules

    • Software Scheduling Basics

    • Software Scheduling Basics

    • Different Types of Schedules

    • Building a Productive Schedule Basics

    • Don’t Leave Gaps

    • Week 10 Quiz

  • 12

    Week 11: Productive Scheduling for the Doctor

    • Basics of How to Build a Productive Schedule

    • Block Scheduling for a Productive Doctor

    • Time Study for Doctor Schedule

    • Filling Openings in the Schedule

    • Scheduling Outstanding Treatment

    • Red Flags in the Doctor's Schedule

    • Doctor Scheduler Checklist

    • Doctor Scheduler- 8 Hour Outline

    • Week 11 Quiz

  • 13

    Week 12: Building an Efficient Hygiene Schedule

    • Hygiene Scheduling

    • Overdue Recare Calls

    • Duties of Hygiene Coordinator

    • Confirming Appointments

    • Periodontal Overview

    • Keeping Hygiene Schedule Full

    • 8 Hour Outline- Hygiene Scheduler

    • Hygiene Scheduling Guidelines

    • Hygiene Priority Policy

    • Recare Policy

    • Overdue Patient Policy

    • Hygienist Lunch Policy

    • Scheduling Wrap Up

    • Week 12 Quiz

  • 14


    • Congratulations-You've Completed Productive Scheduling!

    • Training Evaluation Form

Keep Patients Scheduled

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%. Higher patient retention rates mean happier patients, and happy patients are the best advocates for your practice.


  • How long will I have to access the course?

    You will have 6 months of access from the date of purchase. The material is designed to take 12 weeks to learn, and then you'll have 3 extra months to come back and rewatch any modules.

  • How long are the training modules?

    We estimate that it will take 12 weeks to complete the course if you spend 1-2 hours per week training and then implementing what you've learned. You can train faster if needed.

  • Is there any group pricing discounts?

    Our FOR U courses were designed for individuals to train. If you want to train your entire team we recommend our Front Office Rocks Membership program which provides access for 20 employees and is a month to month service.

Bonus material

You are not in this alone! We've designed these bonuses to help you.

  • Downloads

    Where can you turn for scheduling documents and resource help (do you know how to conduct a time study)? We can help with our scheduling coordinator document library, policies, forms and more.

  • Weekly Accountability

    Each week, we will email progress reports and encourage you to continue your program. We'll also provide tips based on your progress.

  • Coach Support

    Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Our team of coaches are available by email 24/7 for any specific questions or obstacles keeping you from growing.