Complete Training Resources for Those New to Dental

A Thorough Introduction and Basic Training for New to Dental Hires

  • Course Overview

    Whether you are new to the dental industry, thinking about hiring someone from outside, or looking for a refresher course - Everything to Know if You Are New to Dental will provide you with the solid foundation and buildable skills you need to thrive in this exciting field.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Dental

    • Welcome to Dental! Understanding Your Why and Providing Customer Service

    • Quiz 1

    • Providing Exceptional Customer Service

    • Quiz 2

    • Roles and Responsibilities within a Dental Office

    • A Review of Dental Offices, Supplies and Equipment

    • Understanding Dental When You Don’t Have Clinical Training

    • Quiz 3

    • The Most Important Takeaways About Insurance

    • Quiz 4

    • Determining Your Purpose and How to Take Charge

    • Quiz 5

  • 2


    • Training Evaluation Form


  • How long will I have to access the course?

    You will have 12 months of access from the date of purchase. The material is designed to take approximately 4 weeks to learn, and then you'll have extra time to come back and re-watch modules or train new staff members.

  • How long are the training modules?

    We estimate that it will take 4 weeks to complete the course if you spend 1-2 hours per week training and then implementing what you've learned. You can train faster if needed.

  • Who do I call if I want to learn about additional Front Office Rocks courses?

    You can reach Nichole Mastro, our dedicated learning advisor by phone at 954-516-6896 or email at